About Us
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  We have been supplying Authentic Mongolian Yurts to foreign markets for over a decade now. We are Mongolian entrepreneurs whose business is based in the UK and our manufacturing site is located in Mongolia. At first, the business was focused within the UK however, due to the high demand we have been supplying yurts to many countries (mostly within the EU countries) Currently, we are planning to supply yurts to the U.S.A and Canada as we have been receiving an increasing amount of orders from these countries.

The Transition From Mongolian Traditional Yurt  To Mongolian Contemporary Yurt

  • Our yurts are made by a team of talented craftspeople in Mongolia.

  • Most of the employees have been with us from the start so, they all have acquired unique skills 

  • We have listened to our customers' interests and needs and made adjustments accordingly.

  • We hire an expert from developing countries when we develop a new design or to use a new product which happens at least once a year.

  • As an entrepreneur who is passionate about personal development, I always seeking better technology, better material, and better service to help our business.
















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