Frequently asked questions

Why buy a yurt?

Why buy a yurt from us?

We have more than 10 years of experience of selling yurts internationally. Over the years, we made contsant development in designing as well as the quality of materials. The most of our materials are organic and sourced from sustainable feild.

Why people buy a yurt?

There are many reasons to buy a yurt. Our customers' data show that the yurts are being used mostly in commercial feild such as Airbnb, cafe shop, yoga retreat, charity, glamping, off-grid living and work-shop etc...

Can you live in the yurt all year round?

Yes, as a Mongolian person, we live in the yurt all year round. Although, the weather in Mongolia is quite different than the UK's weather there are many ways to protect the yurt and extend its life. As the UK weather is quite wet with a lots of rain and mostly cloudy the yurt needs to have water-proof treatment also, using additional material (Pro Clima Solitex Plus) helps to protect the yurt during rainy season.

What does it mean a yurt care?

We recommend to use water resistant products over extenal parts of the yurt (2 external layers, door, windows and the crown), you may use Ultramar products or Fabsil for the fabrics and ''No Nonsense Water Repellent Sealer for wooden parts. Also, customers should consider regular heating, cleaning and using a suitable storage when the yurt need to be stored.

Yurt care

What does is mean a yurt care?

We recommend to apply water-proof treatments over external parts of the yurt (rain cover, external cover, door, windows and crown) There are various types and brands of treatments including, Ultramar products and Fabsil for fabrics and ''No Nonesense WQater Reppelent Sealer'' for the wooden parts. Also, regular heating, cleaning dirt and soil if nessecary, using appropriate storage when needed are all would help to keep your yurt in a good condition for long time.

Which treatment should I use?

  • For the rain cover canvas (army like canvas) you may use Ultramar cotton and canvas protector.
  • For poly-canvas you may use Ultramar sprayhood & tent protector.
  • For poly-canvas and other synthetic fabrics which is used as an outer layer, you may use Ultramar parasol & marquis protector UV resistant.

How to store a yurt in a correct way?

It is imperative that all components are dry (ideally clean) You can use the original bags of the fabrics when storing them. Storage should be dry, a frost free and no hole, gap or space to enter small animals (moths, mice and other vermin) Do not place the wooden parts directly on the ground (or upright against the wall) but, always put something (pad) underneath to allow air to pass through and to avoid settlement of any insects,

Why regular heating is nessecary?

Humidity Make sure that no moisture can evaporate from the ground in your yurt and the walls cannot pull up humidity from the ground below. If people live in the yurt, there will always be moisture in the air as people use bath, cooking even exhaling creates humidity. So, this moisture must be removed by regular heating or using dehumidifier.

How to clean fabrics?

All the fabrics should be removed and cleaned annually. The outer layer can be washed in a large washing machine. Inner cover gets a bit dusty during the year so, it can be washed in the large washing mashine, just wash it at low temperatures. We recommend customers to have spare covers and the felt so you do not need to stress to do the washing & cleaning on the same day.

How to clean wooden parts?

If the wooden parts are unpainted and unlaquered then use boiled linseed oil. For laquered yurt use DD coating (2-component, UV-resistant) which protects the wood turning to grey. Also, keep an eye on the wooden parts and check whether there is any cracks or seams and if you see any damage, please repair them by using wood filler then sanding and repainting should be executed.

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