JustYurt ltd brand's standard yurt is suitable for any weather conditions, you can use it for a temporary term or on an all-year-round basis. The following components are included in a standard yurt:


 Wooden Components:

  • Crown (roof dome) with 8 window sections, it has a white cotton skirt which is for rain & draft protection

  • Plexi-glasses for the windows of the crown, two of the crown windows can be opened

  • Four ropes which attached to the crown

  • 2 Pillars (The poles for the crown)

  • Walls-5 (the number of walls will depend on the size of your yurt)

  • A door (its size will depend on the yurt's design)

  • 2 windows (they are fitted with double glazed glasses)

  • EPDM strip for under  the door & windows panels

  • Rafters (Roof poles)-71, we provide extra 5 pieces of rafters (will depend on the yurt's size)


  • Inner cover (firm, white cotton for wall & roof)

  • Two white straps for the inner walls

  • One layer of felt is made of Mongolian sheep wool (its thickness  is (+1.5cm))

  • Fasten ropes for the felt

  • One layer of rain cover (army-like, poly-canvas)

  • One layer of an outer layer (poly-cotton, decorated with Mongolian Traditional motifs)

  • Four-lashing straps for the outside of the wall

  • Lock with cast iron handles

  • Setup instruction.

Yurt Components, OURS1_edited.jpg