Why Buy Authentic Mongolian Yurt?

Why Choose Authentic Mongolian Yurts?

  • Mongolian yurts are made of natural and organic materials such as wood, animal skin, and wool.

  • All materials are sustainably sourced.

  • Mongolian yurts are handmade.

  • All yurts are suitable for all year round.

  • The yurts' insulation is made of 100 % Mongolian sheep's wool.

  • Mongolian yurts are very sturdy because of the smartly made of the yurts' structure combined with the heavily weighted insulation.

  • Very practical, easy to deliver & set it up.

  • Low costs housing, reliable type of tent.

Mongolian yurt factory.

Our Yurt Components

  • Crown Cap 

  • Crown 

  • Inner Cover

  • Insulation / Felt

  • Rain Cover

  • Outer Cover

  • Rafters

  • Lattice Walls

  • Pillars

  • Door

  • Window (s)

Parts of Mongolian yurt, what is included in yurt set.

Crown Cap

The crown cap / Urkh is made of soft materials (felt, poly canvas) of the yurt. The ropes are attached and ready to be used. The crown cap During bad weather, the crown should be covered fully by the crown cap.



The crown is the most complex part of the yurt's structure as it holds the main body together. All other parts of the yurt may be replaced, but the crown may lasts for many years in fact the crown handed down from generation to generation.


Inner Cover

The inner cover is made of a white cotton fabric. We use thick cotton fabric for our yurts. Using a light colour for the internal side enables the yurt to look larger and lighter. The cover is mostly placed behind the walls which allows to show of the lattice walls beautiful design. You can wash the cover in a normal large washing machine, only you should set the temperature at a low level.


Insulation / Felt

There is a layer of insulation / felt in our yurt package. The insulation is made of 100 % Mongolian sheep's wool. Our felt manufacturer is the biggest felt maker in Mongolia. We use the top quality of the felt and it does not have any smell and average thickness of the felt is 2 cm. As well as keeping the yurt warm in the winter and cool in the summer the felt makes the yurt's wooden structure sturdier!

One layer of felt is warm enough to live in the yurt during the winter however, we can supply extra layer of felt if you feel you need to use more insulation.


Rain cover

The rain cover is made of army like canvas. The canvas is fire retardant and we choose a white canvas for our yurts.


Outer Layer

We use poly-canvas for the outer layer of the yurts. Our yurts' outer layer are the best in the market as the fabric is vapor permeable which means it is breathable material. We recommend for our EU countries' customers to use roof membrane (especially, if the yurts will be up for a longer period).

There are various designs & patterns to choose from for our yurts' outer layer, please visit to our gallary page and choose your desired design & colour!.


Rafters / Roof Poles


The rafters support the roof and are inserted into pre made holes at the crown and tied to the walls by the laces. The number of rafters of the yurt depend on the yurt's size.

All wood we use for our yurts is kiln dried so it ensures to have the best quality & durability, not to crack or break easily. All the rafters are hand crafted and hand painted by our very experienced craftspeople.

Lattice Walls

The lattice walls consist of a skeletal structure and each wall is collapsible. Our wall thickness is 1.5 cm x 4.5 cm which is thicker than the standard Mongolian yurts. Mongolian yurt's walls' are never painted. People in foreign countries prefer to show the walls natural design so they place the inner covers behind the walls. As our yurts walls are visible to people we cannot use bad quality of wood. The number of walls depend on the yurt's size The height of the walls determines the height of the yurt!

The wooden slats are attached to each other by goat or sheep's skin.

Pillars / Supporting Posts

Crown supported by two posts and we use four posts for larger yurts. There are attached to the crown with ropes. Nothing is fixed & repaired with screws, nails, etc ... for our Authentic Mongolian Yurts because our Mongolian ancestors did not have those kind of tools! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PRACTICALITY WHEN IT COMES TO YURTS!

Our Mongolian yurts mostly made of 'Siberian Pine' also we use Tamarack and birch wood.



We offer a wide range of door designs, wooden door without a window, door with windows. The windows of the yurt is double glased. Wooden design & colour of the door usually matches with the other wooden components designs & colours. Smaller than 5m yurts cannot have extra door or windows due to their structural safety reasons. Larger yurts can have more than one door which we can place the extra door at any position (sideways or back door)


As a customised order, a wall panel with window can be ordered. Our yurts' windows are double glazed!  This is often placed immediately to the left and/or right of the door, but it can also be placed on the left or right side of the yurt. The only limitation is that the window should be placed between two whole walls (so do not cut through one wall), because the strength of the yurt is best preserved this way. We offer various sizes & designs of windows.