Making A Base

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Generally, customers are asked to prepare a base for their yurts and we supply some recommendations to them. Occasionally, we do the base for them at an additional fee.

There is a wide range of ways (choosing design or material-wise) to make a base for your yurt and we recommend reading relevant information from google search engines.

Decking floor & platforms are suitable for permanent use. Having a solid wooden floor under the foot is getting popular now.

Before you make the base, please consider the following:

  • The ground should be level (use wooden posts, pre-cast concrete deck blocks)

  • The shape of the base should be circular and the same size as the yurt's diameter.

  • The height of the base should be at least 7'' (20cm) so, the skirt of all fabrics can come down to cover the base. This way, the yurt will be protected from draught, water and helps to hold up the insulation.

  • The ground should be dry (well-drained), so, remove a few inches of topsoil and put down a weed-suppressing barrier, add some gravel or hardcore which will make the base level and stays the same position (will not move down)

The following method has been popular within our customers. For 6.20m diameter yurt.

  • Make a circular shape, the same size as the yurt (6.20m diameter)

  • Use treated, exterior grade timber for structural framework. Size of 38x89x400 needs around 24 pieces.

    • For permanent yurt use, use weatherproof chipboards (OSB, tongue & groove sheets), alternatively, decking board would be OK. OSB (18X220X2440), needs around 18-20 pieces. (These are for 2 sides of the insulation/Kingspan)

  • Insulation/Kingspan. Size-50x1220x2440, needs around 10-11 pieces.`

  • Post-Its height will depend on the gradient of the site, usually, needs around 15 pieces.

  • Also, 2 different sizes of screws and some tools (drill, saw, hammer, etc...)

  • A skirt board should stick up about 2'' (5cm) above the finished floor. Some strip plywood on the outside edge of the platform.

  • Once the yurt is up, lay laminate flooring or carpets.

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