The inner cover is made of white cotton fabric.

 The white colour provides plenty of light reflection in the yurt, making the yurt look bigger and brighter.

There are 3 separate white covers (2 covers are for the walls & 1 cover for the roof) included in the standard yurt package and customers can order extra for spare clothing.

Yurt inner cover
Yurt inner cover making process
Yurt inner cover
Yurt inner cover, the underneath of felt


The insulation is made of 100% Mongolian sheep wool which we buy from the local manufacturer which uses the latest technology to wash sheep’s wool with excellent quality.


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Felt/ ready for yurts
Yurt assembling process, felt
Felt fitting process
Mongolian yurt/  felt position
Mongolian felt


The rain cover protects the yurt against the rain. The rain cover is put directly over the felt. It is a one-piece cover made of canvas. It is adapted to the rain habits of North Europe.  

The skirt is down around the yurt and makes sure that there is no wind coming in the yurt from down the yurts. 

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Rain cover
Yurt Rain Cover
Yurt assembling process/Rain Cover


The outside of the yurt is covered by thick canvas. Having a thick canvas as an external cover enables the second protection against the rain.

There are various colours & motifs designs in our catalogue.

Mongolian Traditional yurt cover
Beige outer layer
Traditional, white yurt
Brown outer layer
Yurt with orange wooden paint and brown
Green cover
Orange cover
Green outer layer, carved yurt
Blue yurt outer layer
Traditional Mongolian design
White cover
Camouflage cover
Brown yurt cover, door coverd
Nursery theme cover
Beige cover
Yurt design
Yurt cover, door & windows are covered



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Pro Clime Solitex/ Roof Lining Membrane

We recommend customers to use Breathable Roof Lining Membrane for a yurt which will up for longer than 3 months.

Roofing membrane
Solitex Breathable Roofing Membrane
Pro Clima Solitex, Roof Lining Membrane.

Outer Layer's Colour Options

yurt outer fabric design
Light Beige Colour
Yurt design
Blue yurt outer layer
Nursery theme cover
Beige Cover
Camouflage cover
Orange cover
Green Cover
Brown outer layer