Yurt Maintenance

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Tips of the yurt maintenance



So, what do you need to do to protect your yurt?


As a yurt which consists of 2 main materials (wood & fabrics), you need to apply treatments over the external parts of the yurt. 


  • Please, use weather-resistant treatments for wooden parts & as well as for the fabrics at least once a year. Our recommendations: for fabrics: use Ultramar treatments or ‘’Fabsil’’ products and for the wooden parts: use ‘’Epoxy’’ wooden sealing and other brands’ weather protection.

  • Please, heat the yurt regularly when you are using the yurt, use a door & crown covers efficiently, close the covers when it is raining, snowing and windy, open the covers when it is a hot & sunny day.

  • Store the yurt in a dry place if it is not used, do not leave the yurt empty when you are not using & heating it. The place should not have any holes or breakages (it will protect the yurt from water leakage and small animals like a mouse)

  • Please, lift up the skirt of the yurt (tuck it in the bottom of the straps) when it is a sunny & dry day. 

  • Use an extra protective cover over the roof which should be placed underneath the rain cover if the yurt will be up for more than 3 months or during the rainy season. We recommend ‘’Pro Clima Solitex Roof Membrane’’ or Polytex extra layer

  • Check the yurt regularly, watch out of bird droppings, leaves & branch, rain streaks & green deposit of algae. Clean them as soon as you saw some unwanted event.

  • Use ‘’enzymas’’ for canvas cleaning. It is a 100% organic liquid cleanser which is a long-lasting, safe cleaner for atmospheric pollution and algae and grease applicable on all external surfaces. It is safe for animals and plant, 100% biodegradable.

  • For an extra protection perspective, apply a fire protection product on the inner cover.


 As much as the content of the maintenance tips are proven to be relevant and work well for our yurts, JustYurt ltd cannot guarantee the correctness or completeness of the published information. Therefore, JustYurt ltd will not accept any liability for claims in regards with the yurt maintenance.