The door has the same high as the walls. Normally yurts have one door only, but we produced yurts with 2 to 3 doors.

The number of doors, size, and design can be different depending on the personalized order. 

Double glazed glasses are fitted in the door.

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Yurt with a side door
Yurt with garden door
Yurt back door
Wooden door
yurt with canopy
Yurt with canopy
Brown double door
Double door for 7 wall yurt
Door with full glasses
Orange door
Dark brown yurt


JustYurt ltd mostly sells yurts with windows which is not the same as the typical Traditional Mongolian Yurt. Based on the individual yurt design the size of the windows can be various. 

Double glazed glasses are fitted in the windows. 

Classic yurt with large windows
Yurt with conservative windows
Yurt with large windows
Yurt with half conservative windows
Mongolian Traditional Yurt
Yurt with glass door and full conservati

The Upper central wooden part of the yurt supports the roof of the yurt. The crown is painted with patterns. 

In the crown, we offer the option of Plexiglas and windows. We also offer a special crown skirt in order that the rain flows nicely from the crown on the outside cover.

Crown, windows open
Carved yurt crown
crown wheel
Yurt Crown Making Process
Classic Yurt Crown
Crown manufacturing process
Stovepipe from inside yurt
Yurt Crown Manufacturing Process
Carved Yurt Crown
Hand carved crown
Brown yurt crown

Supporting poles also called a-pillars and most yurts (4-6 walls) have two poles that support the crown wheel. Whereas, if yurts have more than 7 walls it requires more poles to support the yurts.

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Pillar with brown paint & decoration
Carved pillars
Classic Yurt Pillars
A pillar with bronze paint & Mongolian m
Hand carved horse, Pillars
Hand Carved Pillars
Pillars with blue paint
Classic yurt pillars

The wall of the yurts is the skeleton that carries the whole structure of the yurts. Depending on its size, a yurt has 3 to 8 walls. The more walls a yurt is made of, the larger the outline of the yurt.

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Yurt Wall
Classic yurt wall
Classic Yurt Wall
Red yurt wall
Attaching walls & rafters
Classic yurt walls

Sticks are linking the crown to the walls. It supports the roof. Depending on the yurt size there are different quantities of sticks. We supply extra sticks in case of some break. Sticks are fixed to the walls with ropes. The sticks are painted with patterns.

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Rafters colour options
Hand Carved Rafters
Carved Rafters
Red Rafters
Hand painted rafters
Orange rafters
Blue rafters
Rafters making process
Green rafters
Brown Rafters
Rafters are being hand painted
Rafters colour options
Attaching walls & rafters
Hand carved rafters
Wooden Colour Options
Carved Yurt
Lacquered Yurt
Bronze Yurt
Blue Yurt
Rafters colour options
Rafters colour options
Brown Yurt
Orange Yurt
Red Yurt
Green rafters
Hand painted rafters